Millennials and Mountain Lodge Design

538 crestone peak mule deer antler chandelier

Photo by Teton Heritage Builders – Browse living room photos Every generation brings new and dynamic ideas to classic interior designs. The millennials, in particular, are proving to have quite an impact. As our twenty-somethings begin to demand and create representative spaces, a few distinct preferences stand out in contrast...

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3 Ways to Create Your Rustic Dream Home

antler end table mountain modern

Rustic home decorating styles are more popular than ever before The newfound prevalence of renovated furniture, antique decorations, and reclaimed wood walls creates a rustic feel that attracts professional designers and homeowners alike. Although some home decorating professionals would have you think that designing a rustic interior style requires a complete...

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Mountain Modern Interior Design Tips

mountain modern timber chandelier "Timberline Falls" antler chandelier

There truly is nothing else like the feeling of nestling yourself down into that mountain-lodge warmth. But at the same time the clean feel of a modern home is unparalleled. Mountain modern interior design concepts provide the best of both worlds. Modern appliances and modern themes, incorporated with natural elements,...

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