Antler Lighting? Yes!

520-L moose antler chandelier

When you are looking to bring lighting into your home, are antlers the first thing you think of?  They should be!  With the addition of antlers, the light in your room takes on a more natural hue, adding texture into your space, and feels more connected with the outdoors.  So...

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Antler Lighting in Surprising Settings

566-L elk antler chandelier

Photo by Big-D Signature – Look for rustic bathroom pictures Modern interiors with their clean lines and angles, ample use of white or neutrals and shiny surfaces can look clinical if they’re not tempered with something warm and organic. Enter antler lighting! It’s not just that a spectacular antler chandelier...

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What’s Your Antler Chandelier Style?

antler chandeliers

Antler Chandeliers by The Peak Antler Company Antler chandeliers can fit a variety of decor themes, from minimalist, to antique-inspired, to eclectic settings. Where you choose to place an antler chandelier in your home is up to you. Whether your working with an interior designer or your renovating your home, our chandeliers make...

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