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Blending Timeless Craftsmanship with Modern Design

In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, the combination of rustic charm and modern aesthetics has given rise to a captivating trend – Mountain Modern Design. This fusion offers a fresh take on a classic style, seamlessly adapting to current design trends to the appeal of traditional styles and natural antlers.

Below we break down the Mountain Modern design style, what makes it so appealing, and different ways to bring this fresh look into your home. Follow along to and get inspired!

What is Mountain Modern Design?

The Mountain Modern style is more than just a design choice; it’s an embodiment of traditional elegance with the simplicity of the modern aesthetic. This style aims to use the traditional charm of woods, metals, and natural antlers and infuse it with a contemporary flair. The result is a striking visual representation of the intersection between nature-inspired craftsmanship and sleek modern design.

elk antler chandelier with rustic timber beam in a modern living room

One of the notable features of Mountain Modern Design is its adaptability to current design trends. Antler art pieces are customizable, and slight changes can change their look from minimalistic to industrial. Take the Timberline Chandelier where the rugged allure of antlers complements the raw elements of industrial design, while still appearing minimalist and sleek.

Why Choose Mountain Modern?

In 2024, there are many elements of Mountain Modern Designs that are trendy across the interior design world. However, this specific style has two timeless qualities that makes it stand out from the rest.

Firstly, it adds character to a home! Embracing Modern Antler Art, particularly in the form of an antler chandelier, can instantly add another layer of depth and character to your home. The Bridal Veil Falls chandeliers’ striking angles are perfect for interior designs aimed at an artistic and impressive allure.

Bridal Veil Falls Modern Chandelier over a dinning room table

Secondly, it is unique! In a day where most items are mass produced, each antler art piece in a modern style is completely singular. Every deer, elk, and moose antler is shaped by nature and different in the shape, length, and number of prongs. Subsequently, every antler art piece is unique and cannot be exactly replicated.

What makes it even more special is the option to have a custom-designed piece tailored to your preferences. The Seven Falls Chandelier is once such piece that will be unique to your home, as the twisting design must be reinvented each time to align the antlers into a smooth sleek line.

seven falls axis deer chandelier with a round elk antle mirror in a industrial modern living room

Natural Antler Design Options

Once you decide the Mountain Modern aesthetic is for you, it is time to look into the different ways you can incorporate antler art into your design! There are three primary ways to do this; lighting, seating, and accessories.


side view of our slenderwood whitetail and timber chandelier 

For a bold impact on your design, consider hanging a large antler chandelier in the center of your dining space, creating a focal point above the table. The Slenderwood Chandelier is perfect for minimalists, as it incorporates all the elements of modern design while still providing an intriguing centerpiece to the room.

elk antler globe chandelier hanging in a living room with three mule deer antler globe pendants over the kitchen island

From small pendants like the Humboldt Peak, to large designs like the show stopping Globe Chandelier, incorporating antlers into your lighting fixtures is a clever and useful way to bring the mountain into your modern home.


side view of our elk Adirondack chair with white sheep wool 

Incorporating furniture with antler accents can be an excellent way to develop your Mountain Modern home. The Alpine Chair is perfect for a Mountain Modern look. The stark color contrast, a staple of modern design, and natural materials perfectly blend the old with the new. Bar stools, such as this Elk Bar Stool, is another great option that allows you the best of both worlds! By choosing the right upholstery or hide, you can add to the barstools modern look.


mule deer antler shield mirror in a modern bathroom

Finally, you can accent your Mountain Modern design with a variety of antler art pieces! This Shield Antler Mirror is a bold way to embrace this fresh look. However, smaller pieces such as the Fireplace Tool Set can be the perfect final touch to completing a room!

Mountain Modern Design Tips

Mountain modern interior design seamlessly merges modern themes with natural elements, offering a balance that appeals to both homeowners and businesses. Consider the following tips when incorporating these design concepts:

1. Optimize Wall Space: While floor plans should prioritize open spaces, use wall space wisely by incorporating rich textures like reclaimed wood panels or locally sourced stone.

2. Diverse Countertop Elements: Move beyond traditional materials for countertops; experiment with wood featuring strong grain patterns alongside granite or marble.

3. Neutral Color Schemes: Choose neutral color schemes to maintain a harmonious balance with nature-inspired elements.

4. Embrace Texture: Utilize rough-cut wood or unfinished quarried stone to add texture, enhancing the visual appeal of the space.

Incorporating naturally occurring elements into a modern floor plan, coupled with innovative design techniques, is sure to leave a lasting impression. Mountain Modern design, with its ability to seamlessly blend timeless craftsmanship with contemporary design, stands as a testament to the beauty that can be achieved by harmonizing the old with the new.

Interested in exploring more Modern antler designs? Click here to view our full Mountain Modern Collection! Each antler piece is made to order which allows unlimited ability to customize size, finish, lighting options and anything else you may need for a well defined piece. We work with interior designers, retail outlets and homeowners alike to find the perfect piece for your design style.

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