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Elevating Western Design with Antler Art

Western design encompasses a rich tapestry of styles. From the traditional charm of rustic ranches to the rugged allure of cowboy-inspired interiors and the modern twist of Western chic. In this blog, we delve into the nuances of Western Design and how antler art pieces can add a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your space.

What is Western Design?

Western Design is a celebration of the American frontier, embracing the spirit of the Wild West and translating it into interior aesthetics. It effortlessly blends rugged textures, warm tones, and natural elements to create a space that exudes both comfort and character.

This style captures life on the frontier, with lots of neutral colors, raw materials, inviting furniture, and old American textiles. Antler pieces fit seamlessly into this aesthetic, with natural elements and practical function blending to create an alluring piece of art.

Types of Western Design


Rooted in the nostalgia of homesteads and ranches, traditional Western Design captures the essence of a bygone era. Think warm, earthy tones, distressed wood, and iconic Western motifs. Furniture is substantial and inviting, reflecting the hearty spirit of the American frontier.

Large Mt bross elk antler chandelier hanging over a round dining table in a western designed home

The Mt. Bross Antler Chandelier is a perfect example of the traditional Western style. With a rawhide & mica iron base, it encapsulates the charm of the old west. The Ponderosa Antler Chandelier is another great example of how antlers can add a touch of natural grace that complements the traditional Western aesthetic

large ponderosa chandelier with mule deer antlers


The Cowboy look might immediately come to mind when imagining Western Design. To bring an elevated version of this vision into a space, step away from the bright red and blue bandannas, ropes, wagon wheels, and horseshoes. Look for more subtle images and colors with natural materials as accents.

oval chandelier over a dining room table

Antlers, in all their forms, make a nice addition to the cowboy design theme. The Bristlecone Antler Chandelier is a bold and classic design, whose rugged and wild appearance is ideal for the western cowboy aesthetic!


For those seeking a more contemporary take on Western aesthetics, Chic Western Design offers a blend of sophistication and rugged charm. Clean lines, neutral palettes, and curated accessories define this style. The Elk Antler Bench is a subtle way to blend the western and modern aesthetic into a space.

Elk Antler Bench with fur hide at the end of a bed

Antler art in chic Western interiors becomes an unexpected element, introducing a touch of organic beauty that elevates the overall design with a hint of wild elegance. The Round Elk Antler Mirror is a perfect example of this new trend!

round antler mirror in a bathroom

Top to Bottom Western Design

From the simplest floors to the highest ceilings, Western Design can be implemented at every level of the home. As Western Design experts, we know a few tips and tricks to creating the perfect western aesthetic.

  • Floors: Choose flooring options like stone, terra-cotta tile, or wood that not only exude rustic charm but also boast functionality and low maintenance. Area rugs play a pivotal role in creating warmth, with options in southwestern or native styles featuring inviting red tones and subtle patterns.

  • Walls: Warm tones, textured plaster, and faux finishes are essential for western design, bringing together other design elements into a cohesive look. Adorn them with classic, scenic artwork or pieces crafted from natural materials for a completed look.

  • Furniture: Indulge in oversized and comfortable pieces that embody the essence of Western design. Mixing natural mediums, such as antlers and leather, are excellent ways to add to western styles. Look for leather, distressed wood, and bronzed or blackened metal to capture the rustic allure.

  • Lighting: No detail is too small – fixtures like the Mule Deer Antler Table Lamp, chandeliers, and sconces are integral to achieving the perfect Western style. Antler light fixtures creatively play with positive and negative space, adding depth and intrigue to every room.

mule deer table lamp
The addition of antler art can infuse your space with the rugged charm and timeless elegance of the American frontier. Whether your heart leans towards the traditional, cowboy, or chic variant, antler art pieces serve as the perfect companions, bridging the gap between the untamed outdoors and the curated comforts of your Western-inspired haven.

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