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Choosing the Perfect Antler Type

Antlers are not just a symbol of wildlife; they can also serve as stunning pieces of decor, adding a touch of nature’s elegance to your home. With various types of antlers available, each species brings its own unique traits to the table. Explore the distinct characteristics of elk, mule deer, moose, fallow deer, and whitetail deer antlers, shedding light on the perfect variety for your antler art piece.

Different Antler Types

When selecting antlers for decor, considering the species native to your area can provide a personalized touch, bringing a piece of your local wilderness into your home. Each species, whether it be elk, mule deer, moose, fallow deer, or whitetail deer, contributes distinct features to the antlers they bear. Follow along to examine the distinct differences between the most popular antlers used in interior design.


The intricate twists and turns of elk antlers create a mesmerizing pattern that captures the essence of untamed beauty. These antlers, with their light golden yellow to brown hues, stand out as a focal point, effortlessly blending rustic charm with a touch of opulence in any decorative setting.

Elk antler chandelier mt bross hanging in a decorated livingroom

The Mt. Bross chandelier is a perfect example of the grand and striking allure of elk antlers. Incorporating many natural materials along with the shed elk antlers, this chandelier melds mica and rawhide with the antlers, creating a one-of-a-kind traditional style chandelier.

Mule Deer

Mule deer antlers exhibit a natural richness in brown tones, characterized by textured details and multiple points. Their distinct upward curve contributes to a majestic span, making them an enchanting choice for chandelier designs that seamlessly blend raw nature and sophistication.

Their unique shape lends itself to tier-shaped chandeliers, as showcased in our Mt Elbert chandelier, a beautiful fusion of mule deer and elk antlers. The thick and sturdy appearance of mule deer antlers complements lighting design, creating a captivating visual experience.


Moose antlers command attention with their strikingly thick edges and expansive points, creating a visual that is both bold and impressive. The wide profile of moose antlers adds a touch of drama to any chandelier, making them a compelling choice for those seeking a statement piece in their decor.

Uncompahgre Peak moose chandelier in a home office

The Uncompahgre Peak chandelier takes advantage of the rich color and broad nature of moose antlers. The swooping angles of the antler gently hold the lights, offering a gentle yet bold addition to rustic decor.

Fallow Deer

Fallow deer antlers showcase broad areas with a pleasing woodsy color palette, marked by gently rounded points and edges. Their open and elegant design makes fallow deer antlers an attractive option for chandeliers, bringing a subtle yet captivating natural element into any living space.

set of three Zapata Falls fallow deer antler Pendant lights hanging over a kitchen bar

Our Zapata Falls Pendant Light gives you the unique opportunity to use an antler as an accent light anywhere in your home. Truly bringing nature to center stage with its simple, elegant design, people love the intriguing and inviting warmth it brings to a space.

Whitetail Deer

Whitetail deer antlers display a light tan hue and, though smaller, are equally versatile for chandelier designs. A chandelier with a series of intertwined Whitetail antlers creates an intriguing repetition of color and structure.

bottom view of modern whitetail chandelier

The pronounced twisting shape of these antlers are showcased in the Modern Whitetail chandelier, bringing a striking element to a simple design. It is a great example of how we highlight the unique traits of antler to make striking pieces of functional antler art.

Choosing the perfect antler type for your chandelier involves considering the unique traits of each species. Whether you prefer the organic majesty of elk antlers, the rich tones of mule deer, the drama of moose antlers, the minimalist elegance of fallow deer, or the free-form charm of whitetail deer, there’s an antler type that perfectly suits your interior aesthetic.

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