Illuminating With Wilderness


All of our designs are made from naturally shed antlers gathered in the forest. They’ve been exposed to the elements and bleached by the sun. Finishes are used to even out their color for a consistent look  on each Chandelier. We choose the best finish to bring out the antlers’ natural variation in tone and texture.

Unlike faux antlers which are plastic resin, real antlers are porous and can be finished in a variety of colors. Whitewash and light colored finishes evoke a modern, Scandinavian feeling.

Grays and lighter browns blend beautifully with reclaimed wood, in Mountain Modern and Industrial style interiors.

Dark, rich colors can create a moody, dramatic atmosphere in almost any interior.

Antler Chandelier and Lighting Finishes:

Natural finish
Weathered Greywash

Candle Cover Options

Faux antler
Tall copper patina
Tall oil Rubbed
Bronze Candle

Finishes and their benefits to design

  • The natural brown finish enhances the natural rustic color and texture of the antlers. Thus, bringing a elegant traditional rustic charm to your chalet style home.
  • The white & greywashed finishes offer a creative approach that is both elegant and stylish. You can complete your space with an antler chandelier in white or a greywash finish to give you a luxurious look offering a high class design and ample lighting.
  • The tall copper candle brings a more rustic design, a style that’s natural, aged, organic, and maybe even a little distressed.
  • The oil rubbed bronze candles brings a modern feel when contrasted with a whitewashed chandelier creating a moody, dramatic atmosphere in almost any interior.
  • The faux antler candle are perfect for rustic chandeliers or traditional fixtures and sconces. Our antler candle covers will be finished in the same color you chose to have your chandelier finish in.