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About The Peak Antler Company

Welcome! We’re an Antler Lighting and Furniture design firm in Colorado.  Our American made products are handcrafted, using naturally shed antlers from whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, moose, and fallow deer. Bespoke Antler Chandeliers, Furniture and Mirrors by Jeff Musgrave and his crew of skilled artists feature quality construction and creative, original designs.  Custom orders are welcomed.

Artist & Owner

Artist Jeff Musgrave has been creating Antler Chandeliers and Furniture for over 27 years.  Jeff is well-known for his collaborations with Interior Designers, Architects and homeowners. His Antler Lighting and Furniture pieces are made-to-order and easily customized. You can work directly with this award winning artist and his crew to create your custom Antler Lighting or Furniture.   Jeff’s designs can be found in high end residential and hospitality locations around the world.  His Antler Chandeliers are installed in projects as far off as Europe and Japan.

Dalton LaFever is our lead drilling & wiring expert.  Working for The Peak Antler Co. for 8 years now, Dalton has hidden hundreds of thousands of feet of wire into antlers.  

Dakota Stiles is our lead design artist.  After 5 years of training under Jeff, Dakota has a great eye for creating, sculpting shape, and bringing balance to each project he works with.  

Joel Vasik  is our lead finishing specialist for the last 3 years.  With a love of the outdoors and an avid shed hunter,  Joel’s color camouflage is the final step in the process to making sure each piece is finished to perfection.  

Ali Myers is our office manager and communications specialist.   After only a year and half, Ali has become such an integral part of keeping us organizes and communicating between the customers and the artists. 

Tyler Driscoll has almost been with us for 2 years as a part time worker and college student.  He is a great floater, helping every department that may need his help. Tyler also cuts our dog chew bones and builds custom crates for each piece before leaving our facility.

Visit our online store to view our entire selection of Antler Home Décor. All orders are custom made and ship in eight to twelve weeks. Jeff Musgrave and his crew of artists enjoys creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of Antler Art, collaborating with Interior Designers and homeowners to provide statement Antler Art pieces for their projects.

antler mirror in the glen bow museum
Antler Mirror by Jeff Musgrave hanging in the Glen Bow Museum in Calgary, Canada

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