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Antler Art Ideas for Texas Fancy Interior Design

In the heart of Texas, a unique style of interior design has been capturing the attention of homeowners and designers alike. Texas Fancy design embodies the bold, eclectic, and extravagant aesthetic associated with Texan culture, encouraging fearless creativity in the design of your home.

One standout feature of this style is the incorporation of antler art pieces, which can highlight the rugged elegance of this design. Let’s examine this up and coming interior design style and explore how antler art pieces seamlessly fit into this charming trend.

What is Texas Fancy Design?

Texas Fancy refers to a particular style of interior design that combines bold statement pieces, overlaying patterns, and a variety of textures. It often incorporates rustic elements with a vibrant mix of traditional and contemporary looks. Crystal chandeliers, mis-matched textiles, and red accents are common elements of this style.

mule deer antler chandelier with crystals

To put it simply, ‘neutral’ and ‘understated’ are terms that do not apply to Texas Fancy Design! With the desire to make their homes customized and inviting, this trend has gained momentum as homeowners seek original, creative ways to infuse their spaces with Texan spirit.

Antler art pieces are growing in popularity within this design style. They are elegant, original, and perfect vessels to add modern aspects to a traditional, rustic base. The Peak Antler Company has painted chandeliers teal blue, shimmery gold, and even hung crystals from the antlers for clients itching for Texas Fancy style.

blue mule deer antler chandelier

Matching Antler Art with Texas Fancy Design

Traditional Styles

Traditional western design elements play a pivotal role in setting the tone of Texas Fancy. For those who enjoy the western aspect of this style, it is essential to select antler pieces that seamlessly complement existing decor.

One of our more traditional western designs can be seen in the Hayman Elk Chandelier, with an elegance that reminds us of simpler times. For those who enjoy a more complex take on western styles, the Rustic Log and Whitetail Deer Chandelier incorporates a number of raw elements into a single fixture.

Hayman elk antler chandelier with a black finish

Unconventional Aesthetics

The allure of antler art extends beyond traditional styles, as they can seamlessly blend with contemporary designs. Embracing a modern twist, designers can experiment with innovative antler motifs in unexpected places. The Bridal Veil Falls Chandelier is an excellent example, as the use of raw antlers creates a rustic look but in a clean and modern design.

Bridal Veil Falls Modern Chandelier over a dinning room table

Other functional art pieces like the Elk Antler Bench can combine the rustic aesthetic with unique tastes. Zebra stripes or red leather, notable staples of this style, can be added to the cover of this bench to fully embrace the unconventional design of Texas Fancy.

Accent Pieces

To complete the Texas Fancy look, it’s the smaller accent pieces that truly elevate the space.. Natural accents, such as an animal hide or the Alpine Floor Lamp, embody the essence of the wild frontier of Texas and add a unique layer of texture that brings the room together. These finishing touches add personality and character, tying together the design scheme with finesse

our large moose and elk combo floor lamp


In the realm of Texas Fancy interior design, antler art pieces serve as symbols of the rugged elegance of Texas. From striking chandeliers to charming lamps and benches, these pieces add character and personality that embody the spirit of this interior style.

Each piece mentioned here can be made to order with unlimited options and customized to the unique needs and demands of each home. Allowing you to choose the antler style and accents that works best with the rest of your decor.

gold 2 tier mule deer chandelier

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