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Using Antler Art in Rustic Design

As rustic design increases in popularity, so does the desire for unique, handmade, and authentic antler décor. For 25 years the Peak Antler Company has specialized in creating custom antler chandeliers, furniture and art pieces that perfectly elevate a rustic setting.

But what is rustic design? What are the different styles within the rustic design? And how do you incorporate rustic styles and real antler art into your home?

Follow along to learn about this classic interior design choice, how the Peak Antler Company creates antler light fixtures to blend with these styles, and tips on bringing this homey aesthetic into your home!

snowmass chandelier over a dinning room table

What is Rustic Design?

Rustic design is a decorating style that is natural, organic, rough, and casual. The style is based on nature, history, and a sense of elegant simplicity. Journalist Lisa Frederick notes that the rustic style:

.. proves the old adage that everything comes full circle. Our pioneer ancestors would get a good laugh out of how fashionable the look is today — they probably dreamed of plastered walls instead of rough logs and carpets instead of bare plank floors. But thanks to rustic style’s unpretentious roots, organic textures and shapes, and natural warmth, it’s become as popular in the heart of the city as it is out in the woods.”

Rustic design is an overarching term for utilizing natural elements in your decoration style —Farmhouse, Tuscan, coastal, and even modern rustic designs all branch from this idea. However, the original, raw, and untamed appearance of natural antlers allows for a unique incorporation of nature into any rustic design.

If you are unsure what rustic style you are looking for, here are a few of our collections to guide your antler art piece journey!

Rustic Log Style

For those who adore raw natural beauty, the Rustic Log Collection is a perfect blend of flowing deer antlers and sturdy wood. Rustic logs are not cut or shaped to fit a certain size. The imperfections of the wood are not scrubbed away, instead, they are utilized to highlight the complex beauty of crude nature.

aspen log and whitetail antler table lamp

The Rustic Log & Whitetail Deer Antler Chandelier melds the curvatures of whitetail deer antlers with the uncut shape of the rustic log. Paired with Edison light bulbs, these elements create a warm earth-toned centerpiece for your room. Deer antler chandeliers such as this emanate the true untouched style of rustic design.

side view of our rustic log antler chandelier 

Timberline Collection

A more simplistic and precise branch of rustic design can be seen in the Timberline Collection. Though still utilizing the natural earth tones of dark stained wood and antlers, this showcases the recent modern twist on rustic designs. These antler light fixtures are an excellent way to bring a practical yet appealing antler art piece into your home!

in home picture of our slenderwood antler chandelier over a dinning room table

The Timberline Elk & Whitetail Deer Antler Chandelier combines the boldness of a large cut of timber with the elegant length of elk antlers and warm Edison light bulbs. Perfect for those looking for a simple design while still incorporating the natural appeal of the rustic aesthetic.

In home picture of the Timberline Elk and whitetail chandelier

Antler Cabin Décor

Cabin décor style homes are filled with wood, stone, woodland creatures, and antler art! This rustic style prioritizes a cozy, intimate atmosphere that is filled with natural earthy elements. The rustic cabin style of often filled with many unique pieces, emulating a long-time family home filled with memories. Because this rustic style has many elements, the Cabin Décor Collection has many antler art pieces to choose from!

round antler mirror with random antler pattern 

Globe Pendant Lights and Deer Antler Lamps can be simple tools to add functional antler art to your home. Or if you are looking for a larger piece to pull the cabin together, the Mt. Evans elk & snowshoe chandelier can be a striking and original option.

moose and elk antler floor lamp in Colorado local store tweeds

Rustic Lodges

Rustic Lodges styles are similar to cabin décor, but grander and more sophisticated. Envision a stylish ski lodge, with high ceilings filled with elegant chandeliers and deep wooden furniture to enjoy the mountains in comfort and style. The Lodge Décor Collection holds our most complex and stunning antler chandeliers.

Mt Elbert Mule Deer Chandelier under a outside entryway

The Uncompahgre Moose Antler Chandelier is a stand-out piece, with the wide branching shape of natural moose antlers showing a softer approach to jaded deer and elk antlers. The Fallow Deer Antler mirror is another unique piece that combines functionality with flowing natural deer antlers.

Uncompahgre Peak moose chandelier in a home office

How to Incorporate Rustic Design Into Your Home

Now, how do you combine the rustic style you like with the task of actually bringing rustic designs into your home? Luckily, there are several different ways to do so!

Natural elements
One of the most important parts of completing rustic design is to bring natural elements into the home. Different types of antlers, woods, metals, and plants meld together to create the raw appeal of rustic design.

Distressed woods and tarnished metals work wonderfully as part of your rustic interior design. Several Peak Antler art pieces utilize this technique of combining natural elements to create a complex and unique rustic appearance.

snowmass elk antler chandelier over a kitchen bar

Textures and colors
As opposed to modern designs, where coordinating colors and patterns are key, rustic design choices allow you to mix and match these elements. Hardy and uncomplicated materials like cotton, wool, and burlap will co-exist nicely with your natural woods.

When it comes to color, brighter is better. Your primary colors should be natural; shades of beige, gray, and warm browns and creams. But you can then choose between splashes and bright colorful accent colors. The rustic design is unrestrictive, and you can truly choose which colors, textures, and styles you like best.

Large Mt Bross in a mountain chalet

Mix old and new
Because rustic designs often emulate the ‘old west’ style, they usually incorporate antiques or distressed pieces. Bringing in new, slightly modern pieces can help complete the look and mix tradition with modernity.

Wagon wheel and antler chandelier in home picture


Rustic Design is often so appealing due to its warm tones and comforting ambiance. It holds the memories of the past and combines them with the brightness of the future. Antler art is crucial to this interior style, allowing you to combine the raw beauty of nature with the functional needs of your home.

The Peak Antler Company understands rustic design through and through, and we have built our pieces to be customizable to your taste and vision. Check out our blog and shop to find that missing piece to complete your rustic home!

In home picture of our Redcloud elk antler chandelier

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