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Featured Artist Collaboration – Mountin Designs

One of the great aspects of creating functional art is the ability to collaborate with other artists to create masterful pieces. The Peak Antler Company has upcoming plans to work with local Colorado artisans in order to create gorgeous and unique pieces. One of these upcoming collabs is with the glass worker Anna Carrillo, owner, […]

Featured Artist Collaboration – Fred Clifford

Featured Artist Collaboration – Fred Clifford, The Peak Antler Metal Artist One of the most satisfying parts of creating functional art is being able to work with other artists to create multi-dimensional pieces. The ability to add different textures, styles, and appearances to already original art grants the opportunity to elevate the craft of multiple […]

The History Of Antler Furniture

The History of Antler Furniture
This blog is all about the beginning antler furniture and lighting history throughout the year of progression to what it has become today.

Antler Art: 3 Projects That Enhance Your Home’s Natural Beauty

Every year, home design trends create an array of new colors, accessories, and furnishings. It often feels impossible to keep up with these fast-changing styles.  However, using authentic elk, moose, and whitetail antlers in antler art it’s possible to create a beautiful, artistic motif that never goes out of style. Sculpted Mirrors Mirrors have a wide-range […]

Appreciating Nature with Antler Art

If you live in or have a cabin in the country, you probably have an appreciation for the animals who live there.  What better way to ensure you will always have a beautiful wildlife view than with antler art imitating nature? Using nature to represent the nature we see is a truly honoring way to […]

Rising Interior Design Trends: Using Antlers as Art

Rising Interior Design Trends: Using Antlers as Art Art is the expression of what is beautiful or appealing. Craftsmen at The Peak Antler Company take something that is ordinary  – deer antlers – then create beautiful, lasting pieces of art.   Our western United States is art in itself, and homeowners worldwide can bring the outdoor beauty of […]

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