Antler Furniture

Antler Furniture

Antler Tables, Antler Benches, Antler Bar Stools, Antler Desk, Antler Chairs, Custom Antler Furniture and much more

The Peak Antler Company features the highest quality and artistry in custom antler furniture. We create our designs to bringing out the unique beauty of each antler in detailed symmetry and cohesive patterns. Our products are American made, handcrafted from naturally shed white tail deer, mule deer, elk, moose, and fallow deer antlers. Each piece is structurally designed to produce the highest quality available.

We specialize in custom work and enjoy working with designers to suit even the most specific requests.

We create each antler piece to order which allows unlimited ability to customize size, finish, upholstery and anything else you may need for a well defined piece. We work with interior designers, retail outlets and homeowners alike.

Call 719-641-8844 today and talk directly with the artist, Jeff Musgrave,  to discuss your next custom antler design!

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