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How To Make Antler Chandeliers and Lamps – DIY Course DVD


Our How To Make Antler Chandeliers and Lamps – DIY Course DVD teaches you how to make your own antler light fixtures using real antlers.  “How To Make Antler Chandeliers And Lamps” is a one-of-a-kind course created for hobbyists and professionals.

In this course, you’ll learn basic antler lighting construction skills:

·   Grade Antler

·   Find Antler

·   Assemble an Antler Chandelier

·   Drill the Antlers for Internal Wiring

·   Wire and Test the Product

·   Conceal the Wire

·   Stain Antlers

·   Complete Final Painting

Additional info

*  This video demonstrates construction and wiring by UL listed standards and all supply kits include the same products used in our facilities.

* The DIY antler chandelier Course DVD uses three styles of chandeliers and one table lamp as examples. It teaches the basic skills needed to complete any antler project.  Once you know the basics, you will discover how easy it is to design and create your own unique work of art.

* Wondering what size antler light to build? Check out our Antler Chandelier Buying Guide


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You may view this video course an unlimited number of times via streaming on the Peak Antler Company website; or download one copy of this course on any single computer for non-commercial, personal, or educational purposes only, provided that you (1) do not modify it, (2) use it only for the purpose of completing this course, and (3) retain any copyright notice included with the material. Beyond this use, no material from the course or the Peak Antler Company web site may be copied, reproduced, re-published, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way without the permission of the original copyright holder.

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*Shipping in the United States included, please contact us for all international shipping rates.

*Will ship within 3-4 days of ordering


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