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Elk & Mule Deer Antler Fireplace Tool Set


The Elk and Mule Deer Antler Fireplace Tool Set is a simple way to unite the rustic design of your home. These practical, lodge-style fireplace tools are also a unique rustic display piece. This impressive set makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves antler decor and the outdoor aesthetic. 

The set includes a broom, dustpan, poker, and tongs.

Approximately 24″w x 33″ h

Finish Options

The natural brown finish enhances the natural rustic color and texture of the antlers. Thus, bringing a elegant traditional rustic charm to your chalet style home.

The white & greywashed finishes offer a creative approach that is both elegant and stylish. You can complete your space with antler furniture in white or a greywash finish to give you a luxurious look offering a high class design.

Product Info

*Made in the USA

*Please inquire about completion times as they vary throughout the year.  We normally range for 6-12 weeks for average projects.

*Shipping in the United States included, please contact us for all international shipping rates.

*Our products are constructed from naturally shed antlers found in the wild.  No animals are harmed in this process.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.