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Snowmass Mule Deer Antler Series Chandeliers

snowmass mule deer antler series chandeliers

511 The oval Snowmass Chandelier, made from mule deer antlers, is an affordable option to upgrade your rustic design. The authentic antlers  are suspended from a single piece of timber to complete the western look. 

Snowmass Elk Antler Series Chandeliers

snowmass elk antler series chandeliers

510 The Snowmass chandeliers are crafted with authentic Elk antlers and rustic timber. It’s Multi-dimensional tiered look gives the piece an intriguing appearance making it a showstopper in any grand-room. The Snowmass is a great addition to any western design and can be utilized in a variety of lighting needs.

Snowmass Whitetail Deer Antler Chandelier

small whitetail snowmass chandelier

512-S This western style Snowmass Chandelier is constructed from Whitetail Deer antlers into a asethetic oval shape. Its small size makes it a great addition to a variety of rooms and can be finished to match different design preferences. 

Elevate Your Kitchen Decor with Antler Art

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, where family gathers, meals are prepared, and memories are made. Infusing this space with character and charm can truly transform the ambiance of your culinary haven. One way to add a touch of rustic elegance and natural beauty to your kitchen decor is through the incorporation of […]

Special Feature: Seven Lakes Lodge, Meeker CO

At The Peak Antler Company, we are the craftsmen. We don’t always get to see the end result of our months of labor in a dusty shop. After creating large custom antler chandeliers and multiple pieces for individual projects, we often wonder how our work looks in its final state. But sometimes, we are able […]

Using Antler Art in Rustic Design

As rustic design increases in popularity, so does the desire for unique, handmade, and authentic antler décor. For 25 years the Peak Antler Company has specialized in creating custom antler chandeliers, furniture and art pieces that perfectly elevate a rustic setting. But what is rustic design? What are the different styles within the rustic design? […]

Antler Chandeliers in the Holiday Home Tour

The Peak Antler Company enjoys collaborating with the Tweeds Holiday Home Tour each year. This event brings together the creativity of interior designers from Tweeds, antler light fixtures from Peak Antler, and the community of Teller County, showcasing beautifully adorned homes that display the true spirit of the season. The Tweeds Holiday Home Tour Each […]

Custom Orders

The Peak Antler Company’s founder, Jeff Musgrave, is known for producing the highest quality and artistry in custom antler lighting, Western art furniture and sculpture. Every creation is handcrafted and features the unique beauty of each antler. Custom Mt Bross Elk Chandelier with Bronze Eagle Sculpture Custom Double Mt Bross Custom Challenger Point Peak Custom […]


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Antler Lighting Buying Guide

Buying antler lighting can be confusing – there’s so much to consider when shopping for antler chandeliers, pendant lighting, or sconces. Many Antler lighting fixtures are grand in scale, simply because the antlers of some creatures, like elk and moose, are so large. When buying antler lighting, you can spend hours shopping for just the […]