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Meet the Peak Antler Team

Beyond the breathtaking antler creations of the Peak Antler Company lies the beating heart of our facility – its dedicated artisans. Meet the skilled craftsmen whose hands breathe life into natural antlers, transforming them into timeless works of art.

For 20 years, the Peak Antler Company has grown from humble beginnings to leaders in the rustic interior design world. None of which would be possible without the dedication and creative ingenuity of our staff. Join us as we illuminate the talented individuals whose passion and skill transform forgotten antlers into works of art.

Jeff & Jen Musgrave - Artist & Founders

Jeff & Jen Musgrave founders of the peak antler company

Jeff has been designing, crafting, and building antler art since 1995. He learned the trade in his early 20’s and realized he had a knack for this unique and creative trade. After 7 years of practice and growth, in 2003 Jen & Jeff decided to bet on themselves and create the Peak Antler Company.

The company’s beginnings are as humble as they get, as Jeff began building antler chandeliers for a handful of clients in his garage. As well as launching his line of DIY antler chandelier video & kits, teaching at-home artists to craft chandeliers on their own. 

Jen took on the role of family and raising the children as well as Bookkeeping, Social media, and Community Event Involvement for the company (highlighted by the creation of Smokin the Ute Pass BBQ and Fundraiser). 

As the company grew, they were able to build a small shop in his backyard and hire two additional employees. There, Jeff was able to create more designs and work on special projects with local artisans. The company continued to grow with its reach, making it around the world with their antler masterpieces.

It was around this time that Jeff became inspired to create antler dog chews! His beloved rescue dog, Aussie, would try to chew on the antlers of his personal home furniture. He realized that giving her scrap pieces of antler kept her happy. The idea caught on with their neighbors and eventually grew as Jen & the kids began marketing at farmers markets, as well as starting a direct mailing campaign to pet boutiques around the country. Soon the Peak Antler Company was recycling antler scraps and sending them to dogs across the country.

Some of their favorite works over the years include Mt. Puncak Jaya, Spirit Eagle, and Sampson & Delilah.

All of these projects forced Jeff to flex his creative muscles and work against traditional methods, resulting in the most unique antler art pieces on the market. They are proud to say The Peak Antler Companies work has been featured in unique locations such as:

After nearly 3 decades of work, Jeff has become a premier expert in his field, and there’s no place he’d rather be than the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  His creativity leads him to incorporate antiques, bronze sculpture and other native Colorado items in his work.  Jeff takes pride in the attention to detail each piece is given, no matter what the project, and lives for the challenge of exacting requests. He couldn’t do any of it without the loving support and involvement of his wife Jen. 

Dalton LaFever - Drilling and Wiring Expert

Our expert on drilling and wiring is Dalton LaFever. He began working at the Peak Antler Company in 2016 at the age of 16. Drilling and wiring is a difficult aspect of creating an antler chandelier. It requires an innate understanding of the structure of the antler and precise movements to ensure the antler is not damaged.

Drilling and Wiring is the magical department of the company, creating the functional aspects of illumination without destroying the allure of natural antlers. During his 8 years with the company, Dalton has hidden hundreds of thousands of feet of wire into countless antlers art pieces.

Dakota Stiles - Lead Design Artist

Dakota Stiles is our Lead Design Artist, and responsible for the physical design and alignment of the antler pieces as they come together for a cohesive look. Dakota is responsible for taking the individual antler and putting them together.

From the twisting flow of our modern styles to the impressive structure of our largest pieces, Dakota creates the impressive foundation of our work. After 5 years of training under Jeff, Dakota has a great eye for creating, sculpting shape, and bringing balance to each project he works with.

Joel Vasik - Finishing & Restoration Specialist

For the past 3 years, Joel Vasik has been our leading finishing & restoration specialist. Joel is responsible for covering drilled holes and wires and detailed coloring of the antlers to restore their original look. He is the beauty stylist, ensuring all our antler pieces look their best before they are delivered to our clients.

With a love of the outdoors and an avid shed hunter, Joel’s color camouflage is the final step in the process of making sure each piece is finished to perfection.

Finishing & Restoration Specialist Joel Vasek

Tyler Driscoll - Cross Functional Specialist

Tyler Dirscoll is our Cross Functional Specialist, and he is truly a jack of all trades. Fitting in wherever he is needed, Tyler has been with our company for two years as a part time worker as he finishes his college degree.

Depending on the demand or workflow of our shop, Tyler can step into any department and ensure the technical and functional production of our products is on track. Tyler also cuts our dog chew bones and builds custom crates for each piece before leaving our facility.

Cross Functional Specialist Tyler Driscoll

Ali Myers - Office Manager

Ali is the Office Manager of our facility. She has been at the company for 2.5 years and is the captain of our ship, keeping the team organized and on schedule.

Ali is in charge of our marketing efforts, managing our social media and online presence, inventory management, shipment coordination, and Human Resources. And most importantly, she answers our phones and keeps our team in check!

Smokey - Office Assistant

Smokey is our part time office assistant, responsible for making sure our team members are happy and there is not a scrap of food left unattended. He is a bit scatterbrained, only showing up to work when Ali drives him in. However, his bright smiles and warm spirit is essential to the productive atmosphere of our office.

office assistant Smokey bear
Peak antler crew

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