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Teddy Roosevelt Inspired Executive Office – Authentic Antler Furniture

In 2012, the Peak Antler Company participated in the 20th annual Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The event brings together artists from all modalities to showcase the beauty of rustic Western art. As the biggest gathering of Western designers and artists, the Western Design Conference is a haven of like-minded stylish individuals who are passionate about sharing this American art style.

The Peak Antler Company made its mark on Western design during the 2012 conference. Showcasing the unparalleled beauty of genuine antler art, the Peak Antler Company was awarded the Honorable Mention in the Accents category for the Teddy Roosevelt Desk.

Jeff Musgrave Owner of The Peak Antler Company posing with the Teddy Rosevelt Desk and Honorable Award

The Teddy Roosevelt Desk Set

The natural elk antler desk is topped with a sleek glass surface. What sets this piece apart is the hand-carved eagle in the center, skillfully crafted using moose antler and symbolizing the presidential seal. The choice of large elk antlers with naturally broken tips, remnants of rowdy elk battles, embodies the rough and rugged nature associated with Teddy Roosevelt.

close of hand carved eagle in a antler 

Complementing the desk is a leather-upholstered adjustable chair, a comfortable and elegant addition to the set. The chair features buffalo nickel nail heads, elk antler arms, and legs, seamlessly blending comfort with rustic charm. The intentional design choices and stunning craftsmanship combine to emanate the striking presence of Theodore Roosevelt and his American legacy.

close up detail view of the buffalo nickle nail heads on our roosevelt desk chair
antler rolling chair in home picture

The Finishing Touches

The final touch to the Teddy Roosevelt office set is a large Antler Mirror with a Deer Head Crest, adorned with a trim of mule deer antlers. The antler flows gracefully into a beautifully sculpted mule deer head, adding a touch of wildlife-inspired sophistication.

Antler Mirror with Deer Head Crest

Together, the set creates a striking workspace that reflects the distinctive style of both Teddy Roosevelt and the Peak Antler Company. The desk and accompanying chair were lauded for their “nice scale & balance” and “beautiful detail” by the conference’s judges, with the buffalo nickel tacks serving as eye-catching accents.

roosevellt antler desk and chair with antler mirror with deadhead crest at a western trade show

Antler Artwork for All

Both the Teddy Roosevelt Desk set and accompanying mirror have been displayed far and wide for all to enjoy. The Teddy Roosevelt Desk and Chair were featured in the 2013 Tweeds Holiday Home Tour (to read about our involvement in this annual event click here!

roosevelt desk and chair in a home office

This Antler Mirror with a Deer Head Crest has even traveled international borders! It was showcased Harvie’s Blue Plate Special in the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta Canada, as part of a one-year Western art exhibit.

The guest curator Paul Hardy selected this Antler Mirror to be featured in his Harvie’s Blue Plate Special Exhibit. Harvey is an international designer who specializes in the influence of animal imagery on human creativity. Working with celebrities such as Bette Midler and Kate Hudson, as well as major institutions such as the Alberta Ballet, Mr. Hardy’s appreciation for exceptional artistry further highlights the honor of our inclusion in this exhibition.

Glenbow Museum display with Antler Crest Mirror

After its public display, the Antler Mirror found its forever home in a residence in Breckenridge, Colorado.


The Teddy Roosevelt Desk set exemplifies antler furniture at its best. Peak Antler Company’s commitment to using genuine antlers and their dedication to creative craftsmanship is on full display with unique pieces such as this. The Peak Antler Company is proud of this featured award and continues to push creative and innovative boundaries of functional antler art.

Jeff Musgrave won a first place award for his roosevelt antler desk and chair set

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