Illuminating With Wilderness


The Peak Antler Company Premium Signature Series

Spirit Eagle Antler Chandelier

Introducing the epitome of grace and magnificence: The Spirit Eagle Antler Chandelier. Crafted in collaboration between the Peak Antler Company and a masterful bronze sculptor Scott Stearman, this exceptional piece transcends mere decor, embodying the essence of artistic expression and visionary craftsmanship.


At the heart of this rustic western style chandelier lies a captivating bronze eagle, boasting a majestic 42-inch wingspan, poised in a seamless union with the chandelier’s expansive design. Standing at approximately 48 inches in diameter and 42 inches tall, this opulent creation invites onlookers to explore its intricate and intriguing composition.


Each detail of this unique and singular piece exudes an air of rustic elegance and freedom, as the bronze eagle appears to take flight from the chandelier, creating an enchanting interplay of asymmetry and balance. 

Created November 2014, Signature Series #123455

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