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Elk Antler Seven Falls Chandelier


The Elk Antler Seven Falls Chandelier is the perfect marriage between modern shapes and rustic elements. Its natural flow is intriguing and enchanting, with warm Edison bulbs accentuating the design. Perfect for setting over a large dining room table or a long room, this piece is sure to elevate your home!

7 lights

Approximately 60″l x 24″w x 26″h

Finish Options

The natural brown finish enhances the natural rustic color and texture of the antlers. Thus, bringing a elegant traditional rustic charm to your chalet style home.

The white & greywashed finishes offer a creative approach that is both elegant and stylish. You can complete your space with antler furniture in white or a greywash finish to give you a luxurious look offering a high class design.

Buyers Guide

When looking for antler lighting, first consider your home and what type of antler would best complement your space. We typically use mule deer, white tail deer, elk antler. Occasionally we find access to fallow deer and moose antler. Incorporating other items are possible such as snow shoes, log, antique wagon wheels etc. are possible as well.

Most importantly consider:

What size is your room?
How tall is your ceiling?
Do you have other lighting in the room or is this fixture your sole source of lights?
Is it going over a table (hanging lower) or high enough to walk under (such as in a Great Room or Entryway)?
What type of Candles do you want on your fixture?
What finish would you like you chandelier to be?
What color of chain and how much chain will you need?
What is your largest door opening to bring your chandelier into the home?
An average sized room could seem cluttered if the fixture is too large or there are too many other features in the room. Contrary, an antler chandelier too small could be swallowed up by too high of ceilings or open space and wouldn’t provide the dramatic appeal as desired.

We recommend that you use some cardboard boxes and tape to make a 3D-form that is roughly the size of the chandelier you’re thinking of ordering. Have someone hold that up in your room while you walk around and view it from multiple angles.

For more detailed information to help you answer these questions visit our Blog : Antler Chandelier in our Antler Chandelier Buying Guide.

Product Info

*Made in the USA!

*Please inquire about completion times as they vary throughout the year. We normally range 6-12 weeks for average projects.

*Shipping in the United States included, please contact us for all international shipping rates.

*Our products are constructed from naturally shed antlers found in the wild. No animals are harmed in this process.

*All wiring is carefully hidden inside the antlers, the electrical parts are UL-listed, and each fixture is tested for polarity and given a 1000 volt overload test. All orders include the necessary mounting hardware, plus high-quality LED bulbs (dimmable, 40 watt-equivalent, with 15,000 hours of life expectancy).

*All chandeliers and pendant lights come with 6′ of rusted (or oil rubbed bronze) chain. When placing your order, please let us know if more chain is needed.

*LED bulbs and mounting canopy also included.

*SAVE 20% WHEN YOU ORDER TWO OR MORE! Just enter the coupon code  20%2LIGHTS  at checkout when you order two or more, and you’ll receive 20% off.


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