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Elk Antler Bar Stool, Leather Seat


This Elk Antler Bar Stool comes with a leather upholstered seat to combine aesthetic and comfort. The main structure is built with large sturdy elk, accented and supported by mule deer antler footrest. The seat can be upholstered in any leather color or style you choose.  This distinctive piece is the perfect touch to your home bar or Saloon.

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Finish Options

The natural brown finish enhances the natural rustic color and texture of the antlers. Thus, bringing a elegant traditional rustic charm to your chalet style home.

The white & greywashed finishes offer a creative approach that is both elegant and stylish. You can complete your space with antler furniture in white or a greywash finish to give you a luxurious look offering a high class design.

Product Info

*Made in the USA

*Please inquire about completion times as they vary throughout the year. We normally range for 6-12 weeks for average projects.

*Shipping in the United States included, please contact us for all international shipping rates.

*Our products are constructed from naturally shed antlers found in the wild. No animals are harmed in this process.

*You can choose wool, leather, or customers own materials for the seat to customize the piece exactly for your design.  Contact us for any of these customizations.


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