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Project: Making an Extra Large Elk Antler Chandelier

Extra Large Elk Antler Chandelier,

Two Tiers

Just completed – an original design, extra large elk antler chandelier with iron, mica & rawhide base.  Based on our popular Mt. Bross antler chandelier, this custom project is 10 feet wide! The Mt. Bross XXL Antler Chandelier is finished – and you can get a sense of the scale of this piece with Jeff standing beside it!

Designed for a home near San Antonio, TX, the extra large antler chandelier was engineered and constructed in 3 separate sections, then personally delivered and assembled on site.  Working with Frontier Iron Works, we designed the beautiful iron base structure. The 62 candles are complimented by down-lights glowing in a mica and a rawhide dome.  We actually had to buy a new crane and modify it just to work on and assemble this monumental chandelier!

From start to finish it took 8 weeks to complete this project.  To build it, we used a total of 33 elk antler sheds; all are 6, 7 and 8 point large elk antlers. Since all of our antlers are naturally shed, choosing antlers that work together cohesively to create the finished design takes time and artistry. Candle lights are placed carefully, working with the natural framework of the antlers and balancing the placement to create evenly spaced tiers of lighting. With that many antlers to drill, the wiring was complex, but a quality antler chandelier must have hidden wires.

XL extra large elk antler chandelier construction

Work in progress – adding elk antlers to the lower base structure

XL extra large elk antler chandelier custom made

Work in progress – There are 2 layers of elk antlers on the lower base structure, They had to be assembled together in such a way that you wouldn’t notice there are two separate parts.  The antlers had to be woven just right to achieve a cohesive look for this massive extra large elk antler chandelier project.

XL extra large elk antler chandelier custom made

Work in progress – adding elk antlers to the top structure

XL extra large elk antler chandelier custom made

Connecting the two lower base structures and assembling it with the top portion.

XL extra large elk antler chandelier custom made

The extra large chandelier frame, fully assembled. The top and lower structures are connected with heavy duty chain. The mica and rawhide sections are added to the iron frame last.

XL extra large elk antler chandelier custom made

The finished chandelier, lit with all 62 candles.

Mt Bross XXL – Extra large elk antler chandelier

bottom view of xxl mt bross elk chandelier with a rawhide mica iron dome 

The finished chandelier from above, showing the warm mica tones and custom finished frame.  How an antler chandelier looks from the top is very important, when it will be hung in an open loft area and viewed from many levels.

XL extra large elk antler chandelier custom made The bottom view is equally important, the mica and rawhide incorporated into this style give it a very unique lighting effect not found in most antler chandeliers.  This design feature is unique to our company.  We partner with Frontier Ironworks in Wyoming to custom make each iron base structure.

The massive Mt. Bross XXL antler chandelier finished at approximately 10 feet in diameter and 8 feet tall, weighing in at 560 pounds!  Once we’ve had a chance to relax for a few minutes and enjoy the finished design, we have to prepare for delivery and installation. The chandelier is taken apart into separate tiers, which are carefully cushioned and set into the back of a big truck.  We drive the chandelier to the installation site, and work with the electrician to re-assemble and hang it. It’s quite a process – chandeliers of this size require a hoist built into the ceiling. Everything is assembled and connected at ground level, the lights are turned on, and up it goes!

We specialize in custom orders – Peak Antler Co. designs are a favorite of interior designers, and have been featured in resorts, restaurants, corporate offices, custom homes and private mountain lodges. An antler chandelier of this scale is a beautiful centerpiece for a double height great room, or a hospitality project.

Mt. Bross XXL

Extra Large Elk Antler Chandelier

As Shown: $29,995

Contact us today about building your own unique custom antler chandelier project.

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