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Selecting the Perfect Antler Table for your Home

When it comes to interior home design, the smallest accents can make the biggest impact. The subtle infusion of natural materials into functional elements not only adds a touch of authenticity but also elevates the overall rustic appeal of a space.

Antler tables embody this concept flawlessly, seamlessly blending rustic charm with functionality. In this guide, we’ll explore the various types of antler tables, from coffee tables to end tables, and delve into the unique appeal of these pieces that effortlessly complement any home.

Antler Coffee Tables

The inclusion of natural materials is paramount to a rustic home. From stone fireplaces to interior barn doors, there are myriad ways to bring the outdoors inside. However, for those seeking a truly distinctive and beautiful addition to their rustic haven, an antler coffee table stands out as a compelling choice.

elk antler coffee table in the Tweeds store

Crafted from the graceful curves and unique textures of antlers, coffee tables provide a captivating focal point that harmonizes with the rugged charm of a rustic home. The straightforward Elk Coffee Table is simple and elegant, a perfect final touch to a living space. While the Mule Deer Log table highlights the classic mix of natural elements, essential to rustic design!

Antler End Tables

Whether as bedside tables or accent pieces in your living room, antler end tables add a touch of wilderness to your decor without overwhelming the space. The versatility of these tables allows them to seamlessly integrate with various design styles, providing a nod to nature in the midst of modern or traditional interiors.

elk antler end table with granite table top

The Elk & Mule Antler End Table is the perfect simple addition to a rustic bedroom. The Timberline Mule Deer End Table is for those looking for an end table with a little more complexity, with mule deer antlers winding around a dark stained slab of rustic timber!

timberline mule deer end table with reclaimed wood

Antler Sofa Table

For those who appreciate a sleek and unique design, a glass-topped antler sofa table is the epitome of imaginative antler furniture. The extra height allows for more intricate antler designs beneath the surface, creating a beautiful art piece you will use every day!

elk antler sofa table in home picture

Contrary to the misconception that antler furniture is reserved for mountain-style homes, a glass-topped antler table serves as a stunning focal point in a range of interiors, from modern to traditional. All of our tables can be topped with glass, stone, or wood depending on your customization preferences.

4 Ways Antler Art Enhances Home Design

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