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Creating the Perfect Chandelier For Your Home

Consider hiring a lighting artist to build the fixture of your dreams

Seven Falls Axis Deer chandelier with a greywasf finish

Finding the perfect chandelier to fit your style and your space can be a difficult process. With so many styles and variations, how do you find the perfect fit for your decor? One of the best ways to guarantee the chandelier you pick is best for you is to find a lighting artist with expertise in the design style you are looking for.

Even though the process can feel overwhelming, there’s no need to worry! Here are three simple steps to help you find the right lighting artist to collaborate with.

1. Establish Size and Placement

A good artist will listen to what you want and consider all your ideas in order to help you pick the lighting fixture that will complement the room and perfectly fit in the desired space. Sending pictures of the room you want to illuminate will give the artist a sense of the space and help them pick the art piece that will work best.

The artist will also lay out a pattern and take “mock-up” photos so you can see the basic design. This is the best time for you and the artist to discuss the pros and cons of the design, size and shape of the piece, as well as the number of lights and their placement.

These steps will ensure the piece is not too small or too big for the space. It is frustrating for both parties when the chandelier doesn’t fit right, so we want to make sure the sizing is correct before going into production!

2. Customize Your Piece

Once you have sorted out the details of the design, the next consideration is color. An excellent artist will take the color of choice and provide you with color swatches. This will show you the options available so that the piece can be unique and align with the overall style of the room.

Once a color has been determined, you can then look at the lights themselves. Ask yourself, what candelabra style am I interested in? It can be helpful to ask your lighting artist if they have a custom lighting socket in mind to align with the design choices that have already been made.

Another special twist is to see if the artist collaborates with different mediums. Will they bring on another artist to collaborate with to make sure you are getting the exact piece of art you are looking for?

3. Confirm the Design

Once all the elements have been chosen, it’s time to finalize the design! The artist will review with you how the piece will fit in the room and all the style choices to make sure you are happy with the final product.

You can easily request updates on the chandelier as it is being built to make sure it’s going in a direction you are happy with. Then, once the piece is finished, a final photo will be shared with you before it is shipped to your home!

A good artist understands that your lighting fixture isn’t just another light source but is a piece of art that will stand out from the crowd. By treating the process this way, you know the artist will go the distance to create the piece you truly want. Understanding the process will help you weed out an artist who is more interested in making a sale than the quality of the product. And, you will go home with a beautiful custom lighting fixture that is made just for you!

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