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Benefits of a Custom Antler Chandelier

Every house needs adequate lighting to function properly, and a popular way to achieve this is with chandeliers. The Peak Antler Company does not necessarily create the ones of glittering gold and crystal that hang in the palaces of kings, but instead ones created of natural beauty with materials taken directly from the forests of Colorado.

There are many benefits to using one of our custom antler chandeliers to light your country chic style mountain home. They come in all shapes and sizes to perfectly accent your space, whether it is a small mountain cottage or a grand chalet. Our art pieces are made sustainably and can be multifunctional, making them a gorgeous and practical item for your home.

Mule Deer Globe Pendant

They Offer a Unique Piece For Your Home

Although antler chandeliers are growing in their popularity all around the world, they are not found in every household. They have only surged in production within the last 20 or so years due to modern mountain interior designs, so they can still be a strikingly individual piece for your home. By installing one in yours, you are sure to always get that ‘wow!’ reaction from guests when they see it.

Not only is the fact of having one a distinctive element, but each piece itself is completely unique. This is because the antlers we used are natural and not produced in a factory. Our art is not assembled like a lego set of exactly matched pieces. Since each antler comes from a unique animal who grows every one with a different look, no two antler chandeliers can possibly be exactly the same.

Mt Bross Elk Antler Chandelier

They Are Sustainably Made

With the resurgence of popularity for antler works within a variety of home synthetic faux antlers have been created to meet the demand for cheap, since real antlers are expensive to find. Faux antlers are made from plastic and are a result of industrial production rather than artful craftsmanship. Both the energy and the materials used to create these fake antlers in mass production are harmful to the ecosystem of our planet.

The Peak Antler Company believes in using real antlers not only because they look better than synthetic ones in the eyes of our head artist Jeff Musgrave, but also because real antlers are of better quality. Because they are made naturally and shed by deer, elk, and moose, annually they do not generate a large carbon footprint in their making. These animals are wild as well and do not get killed for their antlers or grow up in farming facilities. They all live happily and naturally in their natural habitat and release their annual antlers in the winter, which we then collect and bring back to our workshop to repurpose.

Using real antlers will make the piece last a very long time, which eradicates the need of
replacing the chandelier and using up more carbon. Plus our chandeliers are capable of
running off of green energy!

Mt Elbert Elk & Mule Deer Antler chandelier

They Act as Functional Art

Modern design styles rely on the use of clean lines and an uncluttered feel, which is what makes Mountain Modern such a popular interior design style. With the need to limit the number of items within a certain space, antler chandeliers combine both art and function together into a singular piece.

So rather than choosing just a functional lighting fixture or an interesting art piece, you can save the space and use a chandelier that does both for your needs. Functional art is sustainable in itself too, since instead of creating two products you can use just one that is already made from environmentally friendly materials!

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