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The History Of Antler Furniture

Historic Antler Chandelier
Historic Antler chandelier

Antler furniture and light fixtures are becoming an increasingly popular addition to modern mountain homes. They fit seamlessly into the new design trends for the country chic aesthetic, giving mountain chalets an eye-catching rustic centerpiece for a new home. What once was a symbol of the ultra-elite has grown into something that can be afforded by many more. Antler pieces have a long history of being the highlights of rustic decoration.

Historic Elk Horn Chair

Antler Chandelier Progressions throughout the years

As far back as the 15th century, antler chandeliers have been found in the castles and manors of European kings. They became a popular fixture that acted as a statement of both wealth and hunting prowess. Their natural look displayed a type of beauty that was unique from the shiny statements of gold and was designed as more than just functional products but as art pieces.

Continuing into the 19th century, antler furniture continued to be produced solely for the wealthy. Although for many centuries antlers had been utilized for practical uses such as hanging racks, jewelry, or medicine, shaping them into artful pieces of sophisticated decor were reserved for those in the upper class.

European nobility decorates both homes and hunting cabins with antler decor while adding carved horn roses, wild boar tusks, and horns from ibex or chamois to the designs as well. Some pieces even lasted to the present day, where they can be found in museums located in London, Italy, and Austria.

A notable antler piece from this area was discovered in the castle of Count William of Nassau in Wiesbaden Germany that was developed in 1825. Along with this is the antler collection of Count Arco from Munich. Below is an image from his estate.

Count Arco from Munich, Estate
Count Arco’s Estate

The middle of the 19th century saw a surge in antler piece productions. As more middle-class families saw an increase in wealth, antler furniture became highly sought after due to a World Exhibitions display in London in 1851. These designs became more accessible to people which grew their popularity further. A Hamburg sculptor and ivory carver H.F.C.Rampendahl exhibited horn furniture pieces such as bureaus, chairs, and sofas. The display showcased the novelty of antler designs, and more people could now get a part of that beauty for themselves.

The rustic attraction of antler pieces was so high that several manufacturing companies emerged in both Europe and the United States to meet these needs. After the 1920’s this production abruptly stopped, and the companies that were once thriving were all forced to shut down. And once the second world war had ended, antler furniture production was few and far between.

Antler Manufacturing Companies Designs
Historic Production Catalog

Modernization of Antler Chandeliers

Yet antler furniture has made a tremendous comeback in modern times. Not only do they fit within the same rustic mountain homes as they were used before, but current styles such as country chic and mountain modern are designed perfectly in tune with rustic antler furniture.

Today, modern technology has made the creation of faux antlers a cheap replacement for sturdy natural antlers. Although they are made to look the same, they often stain and crack under light use. Real antlers appear more impressive and bring both better quality and an added level of authenticity to a decorated space. The Peak Antler Company works solely with real antler sheds in order to produce the best chandeliers and furniture for your home, so you can decorate your mountain chalet like a true king!

Today's Modern Antler ChandelierToday’s Modern Antler Chandelier

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