A Music Lover’s Rustic Antler Guitar Display Stand

Do you love country music?  If you have a passion for music and a rustic home, what could be better than combining the two?  Here are several ways you can achieve harmony in the home:

A Little Cash

Johnny Cash gives any place a bit of music.  Put up this rustic board sign proclaiming “Because you’re mine, I walk the line” and you’ll be part-way there.  You can go all out and find something with the man himself on it like this tribute on paper.

Musical Magic–Get a Little Crafty

There are many things you can do with music sheets to add a rustic touch with musical whimsy.  Cover the outside of a mason jar with music paper including pretty cut-outs, and you’ve got rustic inspired decor with a hint of music.

You can also make this music sheet kissing ball with just sheet music, a styrofoam ball, and a glue gun.

The Stand

antler guitar standAn antler guitar stand will beautifully join your two worlds to create a harmony you won’t believe.  Made of humanely harvested naturally shed antlers of mule deer and elk, this elegant guitar stand will stand out as one of the major pieces in your home.

Nothing goes with country music better than a rustic home.  If you have a love and passion for music, show it off with some of these great ideas.  Want to know more about how we build our antler guitar stand?  Contact us and we’ll be glad to talk to you about the techniques involved and how this unique piece can help draw your home’s decor together.

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