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The Western Saloon – Antler & Wood Bar

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The Western Saloon and Antler Bar have a high-quality wine chiller, Bose Bluetooth sound system & LED lighting. The main structure is lightly finished 100-year-old reclaimed wood to retain as much of the old rough look of the wood’s original character and beauty. The bar top, also constructed with reclaimed lumber, is sealed and polished as you would find in the traditional old west saloons. The antler pillars are a combination of elk and mule deer antlers to create the support for the glass rack made from wine barrel slats. The LED lighting is hidden in the frame and illuminates the glasses and bar top beautifully. The front of the antler bar is decorated with a wine barrel top accented with antler to blend a subtle yet distinctly western-inspired decor. And two antler bar stools intentionally complete the set.

The Peak Antler Company created “The Western Saloon” antler bar specifically for entry into the Mixed Media category in The Western Design Conference Exhibit.

Product Info

*Made in the USA

*Please inquire about completion times as they vary throughout the year.  We normally range for 6-12 weeks for average projects.

*Shipping in the United States included, please contact us for all international shipping rates.

*Our products are constructed from naturally shed antlers found in the wild.  No animals are harmed in this process.

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