We Buy Antlers!

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We buy antlers locally in Colorado


We buy Antlers, Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, and Fallow Deer***No exceptions! Do not show up unannounced! I have many clients and projects going on at once, I will have to ask you to come back another time.***

We are located in Divide, Colorado, 30 minutes west of Colorado Springs.

To make it worth your time, 50-60 pounds is our average minimum purchase from local collectors.

We do not carry trophy mounts or pay extra for record sheds or match pairs.

Note: Most American white tail deer antlers are small and not usable in building chandeliers, I get most all my white tail deer antlers from Canada.  Unless your white tail antlers are quite large, I am not interested.

We buy Antlers, Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, and Fallow Deer

We buy antlers – Elk Antlers, Mule Deer Antler, Large Fallow Deer Antler, & Moose Antler


Priced by quality grade:

A grade – brown & beautiful antler sheds which are typically this years drop. (Roughly $12 per lb)

B grade – good condition, no chalkiness, may be dull or faded on one side, slightly weathered, probably last years drop. No cracked or broken tips. (Roughly $7 per lb)

C grade – white & weathered, chalky, or A/B grade with broken pieces. (Roughly $4 per lb)

We can use your own antler sheds when possible to create your own unique antler piece. Or we can trade out your antler pile for credit on a custom antler chandelier piece.

Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a buying appointment!

The Peak Antler Company

Jeff Musgrave