Fallow Deer Antler Chandeliers

Fallow Deer Antler Chandelier

We create each fallow deer antler chandelier to order which allows unlimited ability to customize size, finish, lighting options and anything else you may need for a well defined piece. We work with interior designers, retail outlets and homeowners alike to find the perfect elk antler chandelier for your design style.  Our custom approach blends into Mountain Modern interior design styles as well as the traditional, rustic, cabin and lodge designs with elk antler chandeliers.

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Jeff Musgrave is an established artist with over 20 years experience creating unique antler designs locally and internationally. His artwork showcases his love of the Colorado Rocky Mountain wilderness. Whether it is antler chandeliers, furniture or sculptures, he desires to create each piece with the highest quality and artistry, accenting the unique beauty of deer and elk sheds. Jeff’s work is designed for residential and commercial spaces as well as specialty pieces for museums and art shows.

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