Where do your antlers come from? Do you hunt deer and moose for the antlers?

No animals are harmed in collecting for our antler chandeliers!  We only use naturally shed antlers.Every year the Deer, Elk and Moose shed their antlers and grow new ones for spring mating season.

We buy Shed antlers by the pound from local pickers, who hike the Colorado mountains collecting them to sell to artists and craftspeople.


Can I use my own antlers to have a chandelier made?

Of course – we would love to help you create a piece that is sure to become a family heirloom. We’ll look at your collection of antlers, and the style of chandelier you’d like, and give you a custom quote.


How do you put the wiring inside the antlers?

Inside wiring of antler lighting is time consuming and takes skill and practice.  Each antler is carefully drilled with a long straight bit, and then we fish all the wiring through the inside by hand.. The finest quality chandeliers have hidden wiring, so we wouldn’t want to do it any other way.


Is your Antler Lighting UL listed?

All of our lighting is built with UL Approved parts, tested for polarity and given a 1000 volt overload test. We were UL Listed at one time and still build the light fixtures to UL Listing standards, but we found the upkeep of a UL rating system to be difficult and cost prohibitive.  Peak Antlers carries a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy, and we are proud of our 20 year track record without ever having a wiring problem on any of our lighting products.


What size bulbs are used in Antler Chandeliers? Can I use LED light bulbs?

Our chandeliers are built to handle a maximum of 60 Watts per lamp. This is more than adequate for a chandelier – do not exceed the recommended wattage.
The new LED bulbs will work perfectly in our lighting

What size Antler Chandelier should I order?

Interior Designers use a simple formula that can help you decide: Add the width and length of the room in feet, and then convert that to inches.

For example, if you have an average 16 x 16 dining room, that adds up to 32, so a 32″ chandelier would be the minimum size.  If your dining table is the typical 42″ width, then a 32″ diameter chandelier won’t overwhelm the table. Hang your chandelier about 30″ above the tabletop so it lights the table but is above your guests heads when they sit.

For the height of your chandelier, measure from the top of your dining table to the ceiling, and subtract 30″.  This number is the space available up to the ceiling. If you have an 8 foot ceiling, you’ll likely have about 36″ to work with, so your chandelier should be a maximum of 32-34″ tall.

For larger rooms, think about whether the chandelier will hang over a table, or be used to light the entire room. If it’s going to light a table, then keep the size scaled to the table size. For a long narrow table, you may need two chandeliers.

If you’re lighting a large room, consider your ceiling height and how many bulbs you need for good lighting. The bottom of the chandelier needs to be at least 7 feet above the floor so people can walk underneath it. With very tall ceilings, you have plenty of space for tall, beautiful chandeliers.

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