Brodies Corner – Antler Dog Bone Chew vs. Puppy


The Brodie & Antler Dog Bone Chew Storyantler dog bone chew puppy

We have had our Blue Heeler rescue puppy, Brodie, for 2 months now and have discovered his preferences for our All Natural Antler Dog Bone Chews.

When we brought him home at 8 weeks, I took him to our small sized bin of antler chews and he choose one for himself.  He preferred split antlers, although I didn’t feel they were safe as split antlers are not as structurally strong and I worried he could break a piece off.  As it turns out he is not an aggressive chewer even as a puppy, combined with the fact that his attention span doesn’t last more than a minute with the antler at this age!  It was perfect in that he had full access to the marrow right away.  It is still in his bucket of toys he can pull out to entertain himself, I do not worry about it now.

antler dog bone chew puppyAt 12 weeks I thought he could use a larger antler, so I took him to the medium sized antler dog bone chews.  He chose a very thick elk antler.  I think again because the marrow is more accessible and his attention span is now only about 2-3 minutes with the antler bone.  (I don’t believe this is the case with other pups, I think it’s his personality.)  He would still love this bone and it would have been size appropriate for months, but we lost it on a road trip.  FYI – Antlers are GREAT for traveling as they do not have a foul smell when being chewed as other dog treats, especially in confined spaces, and especially traveling with motion sickness prone folks like myself sensitive to odors!

antler dog bone chew puppy

As puppies do, he would fall asleep at any moment, including antler bone time!

antler dog bone chew largeHe is 4 1/2 months now and we took another trip to our antler bins to replace the lost one.  He choose a large antler bone this time just for fun.  Not surprisingly he again chose an elk antler with the marrow exposed a bit more than others.

(REMEMBER he is NOT an aggressive chewer!  I recommend deer base end antlers for very aggressive chewers as they are more dense!  He also chews on deer, just prefers elk when given a choice.)

He likes to carry this one all over the house and yard, toss it around or lick it more than actually chewing on it.  I even caught him rolling around upside down on top of it.  Possibly due to a bit unique shape and heaviness compared to his size.  Regardless, it is a great toy, chewed on when he is in the mood, safe enough I do not feel the need to constantly monitor him, and quite entertaining for us to watch.  If we don’t loose this one traveling it will be great to see how long it lasts!!!

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antler dog bone chew puppy

Brodie is rolling around with the antler barking at it and smiling . . . literally ROTFL!



Antler Dog Bone Chew – 2 year update

Brodies Antler chewBrodie is now 2 years old, he is even less of a chewer which has demoted him significantly as our antler dog chew mascot!!! He prefers to join dad in the shop when he is cutting up antler dog chews and “helps” by licking up as much of the antler dust off the floor as possible.

Brodie still has his elk antler “pipe” and may chew on it for a minute or two, again he licks it more than anything!antler dog bone chew

Football Sunday antler dog bone chewOh and when I say he is not an aggressive chewer, that does not apply to “Football Sunday” (the name of his toy is Football Sunday) or his other soft toys.

“Football Sunday” (now pieces of leather scraps) was a wonderful toy, many hours spent outside playing ball and even inside during the games.  He knew it by name and would go find it in the yard when asked.  He may not aggressively chew antlers, but he sure took Football Sunday for a whirlwind adventure.

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