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The Peak Antler Company Custom Antler Chandeliers  your source for quality antler home furnishings and decor We are proud to offer our exclusive line of custom antler chandeliers, lamps, home décor, and wildlife art.  Naturally shed white tail deer, mule…

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Custom Antler Chandeliers and More We create the highest quality and artistry in custom antler chandeliers and antler inspired home furnishings.  Our purpose is to bring out the unique beauty of each antler. All products are American made, handcrafted…

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Antler Dog Chews

Antler Dog Chews We quickly noticed the scraps of antler from manufacturing antler furniture are an amazing natural solution to dog chews! ORDER NOW Antler Dog Chews are set apart from traditional bones as they will not stain your carpet, splinter…

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Instructional DVD and Supply Kits

DIY Make Antler Chandeliers Today Get Inspired – Make Antler Chandeliers with our best selling “How to make an Antler Chandelier & Lamp” step by step DVD video. ORDER NOW! Inspire Others – Make antler chandeliers DVD makes a great…

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Innovative Modern Antler Chandelier Designs

mountain modern timber chandelier "Timberline Falls" antler chandelier

A Look at Modern Antler Chandelier Designs Though they aren’t exactly conventional, modern antler chandelier designs are becoming a favorite mountain modern home decor piece in many rural, suburban, and metropolitan homes alike. Depending on the theme of your interior design, an antler chandelier can certainly make the whole look...

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Enhance Your Kitchen with Antler Decor

564-S mt lindsay mule deer antler pendant chandelier

Kitchen Antler Decor If you’ve upgraded your kitchen, but it still doesn’t have the “wow” factor that you’ve been looking for, consider adding a few pieces of gorgeous antler decor to your space. Kitchen antler decor handcrafted from naturally shed antlers can improve your kitchen and give it a chic,...

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Mountain Modern Design Ideas for Your Master Bedroom

Rosebud white wash antler chandelier

Mountain Modern Antler Chandelier Ideas Photo by LOFThome.com – More Mediterranean bedroom ideas If you’re looking to add some interest and a unique elegance to your master bedroom, consider these Mountain Modern antler decor ideas. Furniture and lighting pieces, made from naturally shed antlers, will set your bedroom apart from...

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Product Highlight: THE ELK ANTLER DESK

902 elk antler desk

Teddy Roosevelt Elk Antler Desk Have you ever walked into a room in someone’s home and just been completely blown over by a totally unique, magnificent piece of furniture? Usually it’s a piece that’s so unique, you know it couldn’t possibly have been mass-produced! The ELK ANTLER DESK from The...

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3 Benefits of a Custom Antler Chandelier


Custom Antler Chandeliers Custom-designed antler furniture is inexplicably appealing and filled with character. Every piece is made masterfully and meticulously and makes an ideal addition to any rustically charming home. If you are considering an investment of a particular piece of antler furniture, such as a custom antler chandelier, check...

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Set the Atmosphere with a DIY Antler Chandelier

526 mule deer antler chandelier

As our world gets busier and busier many people are decorating their homes to remind them of their favorite outdoor retreats. Colors, fabrics and materials that are more natural or rustic are sought after. Photographs paintings and lighting are designed to re-create that feeling, that calm, that ambiance of a...

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