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What Is Chalet Style? How To Bring Alpine Chic Home

Mention chalet style and most people think of log homes full of charming alpine decor, and fur throws scattered about. But modern chalet style is sophisticated, understated and often quite elegant. It may have roots in traditional alpine lodges, but today’s chalet-inspired interior design is a hot trend in both country and urban homes. You don’t need a massive log home in the mountains to create the perfect chalet style interior. Read on to learn more about the elements of chalet style, and easy ways to add this cozy look to your home.

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Chalet Style Architecture

Traditional chalet architecture features a wide, gabled roof with deep overhangs, wooden walls with gingerbread trim, and a stone foundation. Wide porches protect the structure and encourage sunbathing. It’s a design that survives heavy snowfall and stays warm in a cold mountain climate. With modern energy-efficient construction, chalets often have soaring ceilings and large window walls to enjoy the view.

two large antler chandelier in a modern great room

The main elements of chalet-style architecture are exposed timber framing, wood planks on walls and ceiling, and a stone or tile fireplace. Some walls may also be plastered or upholstered for a cozy look. Built in benches are a popular detail, especially beside a fireplace. Add chalet style to your home with some of these details:

  • Rustic, light wood plank floors
  • Wood or faux wood ceiling beams
  • A built-in fireplace or entry bench
  • Wood plank accent walls
  • Stone or faux stone foundation and fireplace
  • Stained wood windows and doors
  • Rustic wood cabinetry
great room antler design

Chalet Style Interior Design

Chalet style interiors use rustic finishes and layered textiles to create a warm, cozy aesthetic. Animal motifs, fur accents and antlers appear on furniture, decor and lighting.

large snowmass in a chalet style lodge

To brighten the interiors in homes with wood walls, richly patterned fabrics add color and interest.

In living areas, neutral upholstery in wool and linen creates a serene backdrop. Fur throws and pillows add color and texture. The fireplace creates a focal point, the perfect place to gather at the end of a chilly day.

rustic elk single tree chandelier in a mountain cabin over the dinning table

Double-height ceilings call for dramatic lighting, and an antler chandelier or two is the perfect solution. Tall chandeliers illuminate the timber framing and ceiling details.

Chalet style provides a unique opportunity to mix rustic and modern design. Reclaimed timbers, antlers and Edison bulbs are the perfect mix of alpine and modern:

To bring chalet style to your home, look for neutral rugs that are soft underfoot:

Faux fur throws to soften modern furniture:

Antler pendant lights:

Textured, Nordic-inspired pillows:

Fireplace accessories:

An antler accent chair:

alpine elk antler chair and ottoman with white Mongolian sheep wool

Alpine Elk Antler Chair & Ottoman, White Wool

Colorful, folk-y bedding:

And antler decor pieces:

Add a few chalet-inspired accents to warm up your bedroom design in winter:

Image Courtesy of Chalet Perelin

Whether your home is a rustic cabin, a mountain condo, log home or traditional style house, chalet style touches help create a warm, relaxing aesthetic. The Danish call it “hygge” – that welcomed, cozy feeling found when you’re cocooned with your loved ones, hot drink in hand, cuddled under a warm blanket, with stormy weather outside. At the Peak Antler Co., we help clients find their hygge every day, with our extensive collection of real antler lighting, furniture and art. Give us a call about your project, we’d love to work with you!

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