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A Custom Two Tier Antler Chandelier, White Wash

Two Tier Farmhouse-Style Antler Chandelier in White Wash

Another successful custom order antler chandelier!  This two tier whitetail deer antler chandelier is a very traditional style, finished with a subtle white wash and semi gloss finish.  The white wash finish follows the current trend of white chandeliers that we see in modern and farmhouse interiors.  The natural white wash finish really makes this antler chandelier stand out – unlike modern painted antler chandeliers, it shows the texture of our real deer antlers.  The result is a natural looking piece that will fit into many interior design styles.  Accented with black chain & hardware, this white washed antler light fixture compliments the farmhouse style trending in interior design magazines and online.

“A CLEAN look…with just a hint of TRENDY! . . . I really love white antlers paired with cream walls because it gives the space an interesting, funky touch while still creating a calm, simple look.” By !

custom whitewashed chandelier

This two tier chandelier is similar to the lighting in our Farmhouse Collection. The customer chose short antler candles and flame bulbs for a realistic effect. Each of the two tiers has 8 candles, for a total of 16 lights. The white wash finish gives the traditional style a lighter, updated look, but still highlights the natural beauty of the antlers.  The unique coloration and weathering of each antler is something that can’t be reproduced – when you see a chandelier like this one beside one of the cheaper, resin copies, there’s just no comparison!

Design Your Custom White Washed Antler Chandelier

Here at The Peak Antler Company we create each whitetail antler chandelier when it’s ordered.  This allows our clients to choose finish options, or make any size adjustments or other changes.  Our custom design approach helps you create the perfect antler chandelier for your project.
Using only naturally shed antlers, artist and maker Jeff Musgrave highlights the unique beauty of each antler in his designs.  Visit our Online Shop to see our extensive collection, or see our About page to learn more about Jeff and his work. Peak Antler Co. Custom Designs add value to any interior design project.

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Creating the Perfect Chandelier For Your Home

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