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Why Specify Custom Antler Chandeliers?

Here at Peak Antlers, we’ve been creating custom Antler Chandeliers for many years. We understand that lighting is the interior designer’s best friend.  Mountain lodges, log homes, restaurants, and hospitality projects often require custom Antler Chandeliers, Antler Sconces and Antler Lamps made to exact specifications. Proper illumination has the ability to highlight the thoughtful arrangement and composition choices made throughout the room, drawing the eye to points of interest and accents. In turn, uninspired lighting takes away from an otherwise spectacular space. Since the way your projects are lit carries heavy importance, consider a custom lighting piece created specifically for your design project.

Why a Custom Antler Chandelier?

Custom Antler Lighting is one-of-a-kind:

custom antler and metal chandelier made by the peak antler company Especially for clients and homeowners building their dream home, unique pieces of interior design are important to them. Their house is unlike any other and they want their lighting to be unlike any other as well. All chandeliers at The Peak Antler Company are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. There is no mass-production work when it comes to naturally shed, organic antlers from white tail deer, mule deer, elk, moose or fallow deer. This ensures that the artistic aspect of the chandelier will be extraordinary and exclusive. Craftsman Jeff Musgrave works with each interior designer’s requests and specifications to create an installation of art that perfectly suits your room.

Our Antler Chandeliers are the highest quality:

With only one craftsman building your custom piece, you can rest assured that the production is of the highest quality. At The Peak Antler Company each chandelier is structurally designed to be functional and last for a lifetime. In the designing process, every antler is placed inside the custom lighting fixture in a way that brings out their individual character. Symmetry and cohesive patterns ensure that the overall look will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This thoughtful process generates a piece that is exquisitely stunning.

Your Custom Antler Chandelier Design is Our Priority:

custom no yoke mule deer snowmass Homeowners hire interior designers to ensure that the composition of their home’s inside is professionally planned. They rely on you to make the choices they might not think of when it comes to creating rooms that are decorated in a balanced way. You have the knowledge to use focal points, such as custom lighting, to draw the eye upwards and accentuate the stature of the walls or the grandness of the room. Whether your client has rustic taste and is building their dream lodge in the Colorado mountains or has eclectic taste with furnishings from all genres of design, having custom antler chandelier is a statement piece and a focal point. Your clients rely on you for stunning, original design .  Real antlers bring an organic feeling to your projects, and each one is a masterpiece of nature. Our natural shed antlers are sustainably harvested in the forest. Their neutral color pairs well with all chromatic schemes, making them perfect for any style of room. Designers love our Antler Mirrors  and Mountain Modern styles too.

custom bridal veil fall with client requested light sockets

Here at The Peak Antler Company, we pride ourselves in crafting the highest quality Antler Chandeliers and Lighting with unlimited customization so our clients can compose the perfect room. Contact us to get started on your Custom Antler Chandelier.

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