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Antler Art: 3 Projects That Enhance Your Home’s Natural Beauty


Antler Mirror with Deer Head Crest

Every year, home design trends create an array of new colors, accessories, and furnishings. It often feels impossible to keep up with these fast-changing styles.  However, using authentic elk, moose, and whitetail antlers in antler art it’s possible to create a beautiful, artistic motif that never goes out of style.

Sculpted Mirrors

Mirrors have a wide-range of purposes.  They give the illusion of greater space and light when placed in strategic areas such as entryways, living rooms, and hallways.  However, when enriched with natural decor such as real antlers, these mirrors are transformed into timeless art pieces both you and your guests will appreciate.

Rustic Lighting

Every room in your house has unique lighting needs.  What works great for large, open rooms isn’t always best for smaller bedrooms.  Regardless of your rooms’ sizes, antlers provide the perfect way to create warm, gentle lighting. Intricate chandeliers, lamps, and simple sconces all provide a wildlife-inspired lighting source that gives every room a cozy ambiance. These light fixtures are far more than basic light-sources; their customized sizes and designs transform every light source into eye-catching natural art.


Timberline chandelier with 16 edison lights wrapped around a large timber beam t create a rustic design

mule deer antler deer bust sculpture

Wildlife Sculptures 

Finding just the right accessories and decorations for both our home and yard is often a challenge. However, choosing unique antler art sculptures and accessories is an easy way to create a timeless motif both inside your house as well as out.  These all-natural designs inspire a rustic motif that shows your love for nature and all its unfading beauty. A full-size elk sculpture or an intimate “Sampson and Delilah” pair capture the majesty of wildlife.  For an indoor alternative, a mounted elk bust is the perfect wall accessory to personalize your sitting room or den.

Although basic store accessories and furnishing may seem like simple options, nothing can compare to a customized antler art piece.  Their intricate design and details are an unmatched, priceless addition to any home.  For more information on creating your personalized antler furnishings and accessories, please contact us for a detailed design appointment. With over 20 years of established art experience, he’s the perfect partner for thorough advice on enhancing your home’s natural beauty.

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