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The Benefits of the Antler Dog Bone Chew

Scooter extra large antler dog bone squareAntler dog chews are a safe and healthy alternative to rawhides and other dog bones. They are wholesome, long-lasting and odor-free. The antler dog bone chew is a harmless way to keep your pet busy, the teeth clean and without staining your furniture and carpets.

Some dogs are more active and energetic than others, and some have quite powerful jaws. Unless preoccupied with appropriate toys and chew bones, your shoes, pillows, furniture, newspapers and more fall victim to destruction by a playful, bored canine companion. Not all toys can satisfy the most exuberant pup like an antler dog bone chew. Toys get torn quickly, and most bones and rawhides smell atrocious while leaving a messy trail.

extra large antler dog chew boneAntler dog chews are all natural with no added colors. They are ideal for the most aggressive chewers because of their durability and toughness. Since the chews last, they are cost-effective, sometimes lasting for years. A huge benefit for the pet owner is effective oral hygiene and dental health for your dog. They not only help to keep the teeth clean but also provide an excellent source of calcium for your pet, building healthy teeth and bones. Other nutrients for your dog includes glucosamine, chondroitin and phosphorous for good health.

The antler dog bone chew does not break in tiny pieces like many other chews and bones, leading into gagging and choking hazards. The chews come from deer or elk antlers that are naturally shed from the animals. Our antler dog chews are gathered either in the forest or on ranchlands throughout New Mexico, Utah or Colorado. They can sometimes look discolored or have hairline cracks, but we guarantee healthy chews that are not rotted or would be hazardous to any pet. The weathered bones are a great option for the older dog or mild chewer with a better ability to get the mineral benefits from the chews more quickly. We have been selling antler dog chews for over seven years with great success. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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