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Antlers from elk, moose and several varieties of deer are used to make stunning chandeliers, furniture, interior accents, and more. There is something majestic about these organic creations that make them stand out as amazing focal points in home decor. But, you may wonder, where do all of these antlers come from? Are these beautiful creatures actually hunted for their magnificent racks? The thought is horrifying to many animal-lovers. The answer, thankfully, is an emphatic NO!

Each summer, these large animals grow new antlers ahead of the autumn breeding season. They subsequently shed or drop these antlers in late winter or early spring, and the cycle repeats itself.  “Hunting” for antler sheds can be strictly a hobby, done for profit, or a bit of both. But whether motivated by interest or financial gain, most (if not all) states have regulations that govern how antlers may be harvested, in order to protect the animals from being harassed or harmed by over-zealous harvesters. It’s one thing to accidentally encounter a herd and have them bolt in fear, it’s quite another to purposely frighten them. The animals are at their most vulnerable immediately following a shed, and too much stress could cause real harm, especially to pregnant does or cows!

elk shed found in the Colorado Rockies
A mule deer antler found in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

There are some fairly specific places to look for shed antlers, such as on slopes, near fences, creeks and gullies, or other places where antlers might be jarred loose when the animal jumps the obstacle. An antler hunter may come upon a single antler or may even find several antler sheds in the same general vicinity!

So now you know the truth behind those amazing antler creations! Speaking of which … The Peak Antler Company carries the most amazing antler chandeliers for sale anywhere, as well as antler furniture (tables, desks, benches, etc.), accessories and more! Contact us with any questions you might have about any of the items in our great line of antler products!

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